Prepare Your Property for Green Growth

We establish medical marijuana growing in Eugene & Goshen, OR and the surrounding areas

Are you a member of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program, also known as OMMP? Oregon Tree can tear down trees to clear a path for you to grow medical marijuana.

You can expect us to:

  • Remove your trees safely.
  • Eliminate tree stumps from the area.
  • Prepare your yard for planting.
Oregon Tree has years of experience clearing properties for growing medical marijuana. We'll help you attract more sun to your yard so that your plants grow properly.

Learn more about OMMP in Eugene, OR today by calling 541-226-7153.

Why grow medical marijuana?

Why grow medical marijuana?

Medical marijuana is legal in the state of Oregon and offers incredible health benefits for people with chronic pain. It allows people with severe nerve pain to get relief without sedative side effects that pills can have. It's also a sufficient and natural muscle relaxer for people who live with tremors.

Grow medical marijuana through OMMP to help people with varying conditions improve their quality of life.

Make an appointment with Oregon Tree to set up medical marijuana growing in Eugene, Goshen, OR and the surrounding areas.